A Classic Tome for Males Who Aspire to be Men

The Art of Manliness

art-of-manliness2It’s pretty clear that making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. The hustle and bustle of modern life, combined with financial meltdowns and the 24 hour news cycle has worn some men down, shoving class and civility into a dark, forgotten corner of their psyches. Not to mention the disgrace of having eschewed many skills and abilities, outsourcing them to others in the name of convenience. The newly released volume, The Art of Manliness represents a handheld compilation of the collected wisdom otherwise seen via the excellent blog of the same name, all intended to point the way towards reclaiming that which we as men should not easily relinquish.

Offering advice on a wide variety of topics, TAoM draws inspiration and instruction from classic gents of yesteryear (Ben Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt spring to mind) and updates it to paint a picture of proper masculinity of the 21st century variety. If you’ve ever sought advice on giving a speech or a man-hug, starting a fire without matches or rescuing someone like a fireman, talking down a loud-mouthed braggart or prevailing in gentlemanly fisticuffs, you’ll find it and more in the pages of The Art of Manliness. There’s no better gift for the young (or old) man in your life, provided he can heed some sagacity.

Cost: $12