The Fixation | Mark Albrecht Desk


Few things hit strike my inner nerves harder than Industrial Design: purposeful, task oriented, functional. This week’s fixation comes from Long Island City, New York based designer (literally, they’re a mile away from our offices) Mark Albrecht who’s fashioned together an achingly gorgeous desk, with an aching price to match. Fashioned in your choice of black steel, polished stainless steel, or satin stainless steel, the Mark Albrecht Desk can be your choice to leather work surface (white, black, red, dark brown, tan, and chestnut), so you’re only faced with two questions: what color leather surface would you be happy with a century from now, and what manuscript will you pen on it. Measures 60″x24″x30″. [via GQ]

Another image after the jump.

Cost: $6,575


The Fixation is a new series of posts focused on… well, fixations. Unlike our regular posting schedule, yet much like the fixations that have laid victim to many-a-coveting, lusting men, these posts will come without measured planning (though we’ll aim for a weekly basis). There is no true rhyme or reason behind the uncontrollable yearning of a man’s fixation; a moment that flirts with the dangerous line of ruined caution as he makes an innocent trip to get coffee and returns having acquired a three paycheck timepiece*, or “accidentally” having purchased a vehicle on eBay*, or in a moment of slightly drunken stupor, stumbled out of an Apple Store with bags full of kit*. No, the products you’ll see in this series are not traditional Gear Patrol faire per se, but rather, the documented evidence of an illogical, nonsensical want. We are men after all, and what are without the occasional flaw?