Green Golf Goodies

Evolve Golf Epoch Tees


The venerable golf tee: it’s the most basic of all the equipment that you faithfully wag around in your bag. Honestly, you don’t even think twice before blasting handfuls of the wee wooden props into oblivion each and every round. It’s just the cost of doing business.

Not so, according the the folks at Evolve Golf. They offer the Epoch tee, which boasts improved performance properties that have garnered over 120 tour wins over the last 5 years. Even if you’re not convinced that a tee can help your game, consider the decrease in tee consumption (i.e. tree destruction) that comes along with switching to a near-indestructible prop. Over 2,200 courses have and, consequently, they rave about the savings they’ve garnered and the sustainability they’re encouraging. Just think; with the Epochs, a stocking-full could last you the whole year long.

Cost: $6