Ridiculously Thin Home Theater PC's

piixL EdgeCenter 3770 Home Theater PCs


Contrary to what you might assume about our love of gear, most of us on the Gear Patrol staff are still quite enamored with the concept of electronic consolidation (even if it will eventually cause our gear caches to dwindle). Indulging this particular fantasy and trend in the consumer market in a striking way is the London-based startup Pixxil. Creators of ultra slim home theater PC’s that are designed to mount on the back of current flat panel televisions while adding minimal girth, it goes without saying that their innovative designs are simply jaw dropping.

piixel_edge_center_side1Take their EdgeCenter line of machines picture above. Measuring 30mm deep and equipped at the base level with a 3GHz Core Duo chip, 500GB hard drive, HDMI output, 2GB of ram, Hauppague HD TV tuner, Microsoft Windows 7, and a variety of other accessories, this machine has more than enough power to meet basic home theater computer needs.

Of course if you’re one for pushing limits (which you know we are), these specs can naturally be upgraded to match N.O.R.A.D.’s mainframe computer power. or well at least something close to it.

Naturally though, precision products like this charge a hefty premium compared to less design friendly devices. Starting at $4,350, for the same price most consumers could extract far more bang for their buck. Still they are quite nice to oggle until the day this type of innovative design construct becomes far more affordable.

via Engadget

Cost: $2,490