An All-In-One That Does It All Well (Really!)

Epson WorkForce 610 All-In-One Printer


One of the traits most valued in a Gear Patrol man is versatility. Unsurprisingly, we appreciate the same thing in our gadgets, particularly in those upon which we rely for daily productivity. You need only to glance down at that smartphone that’s likely never out of reach to confirm my hypothesis. That’s why we jumped at the chance to pit the Epson WorkForce 610 All-In-One Inkjet Printer against our current equipment and our lofty expectations. Designed as the answer for the printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and photo needs of a small business or home office, the 610 promises a lot of functionality.

While we weren’t exactly surprised by the outcome (Epson’s strong reputation being what it is), we we’re more than pleased to see that the WorkForce 610 performed admirably in all departments and carries a sweetheart price tag to boot. Hit the jump to get our take and more details.

Speed seems to be one of the features most highly touted in regards to the WorkForce 610. Epson claims that it’s the fastest inkjet printer you can buy for under $200. While we haven’t obtained and objectively tested every sub-$200 inkjet, our experience with the 610 proved that its smoking-fast 38 ppm black rating was more than enough to churn out the lengthy TPS reports that our editorial taskmasters require.

Photo scanning and printing tests (which doubled as a holiday greeting card project), showed that Epson’s DURABrite inks, in combination with on-board software to color correct aging prints, could refresh old photos far better than other business-class all-in-ones we’ve used before. And, as long as we’re talking copy and scan features, the 30 page auto document feeder is great for allowing you to walk away from an otherwise tedious task while the 610 gets it done.

The verdict is this: the Epson WorkForce 610 claims to do a multitude of things well and those claims are well-founded. In addition to all the typical prowess you’d expect in a printer (card readers, LCD display, etc.), our favorite feature, however, might seem an unusual choice. Still, we’re not known for being ordinary. Where the 610 really shines is in its setup phase. You heard right, the setup. You see, the Epson 610 is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to print without tethering your computer and printer together via USB or network cable. We laud the 610’s setup with praise simply because it works well and properly. Having configured it for use with two separate computers, both without a hitch, we’re ready to declare the Epson WorkForce 610 a winner in the Wi-Fi wars. That’s because virtually every other Wi-Fi printer this editor has set up in the past (at least 3) has devolved into a nightmare of cursing and desk-to-fist collisions. Not so with this multitasking wonder. So, Epson, on that count, our desks thank you. And, considering the price, so do our wallets.

Cost: $100

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