Have Umbrella, Will Travel

Davek Traveler Umbrella (2.0)


Let your vacation be just that: a vacation. If inclement weather is in store for your trip, a quality umbrella is a no-brainer. The updated, second iteration of the Davek Traveler Umbrella brings all the goodness we’ve told you about with the Davek Golf Umbrellas, all in a convenient travel size. It fits easily into a bag or coat pocket or you can attach to a bag strap (with a special included clip). The grip is similar to a the shift knob on a modern day German sports car (leather and round, that is), and the entire package weighs less than a pound.

When open, the Davek Traveler Umbrella folds into a 40 inch micro-weave fabric arc (or a conveniently tight huddle with a gal), and compacts to a 9″ package when closed. You’ll also find a 100% steel shaft, reinforced flexible carbon-polymer frame, a slick auto-open and auto-close button system that also can adjust itself back if it becomes inverted, and the best thing of all: an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee if the umbrella ever fails to function properly. Now that’s a gift that’s guaranteed to keep on giving. Colorways after the jump.

Cost: $79