Fight Dryness With Industrial Power

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

jack_black_hand_healerDecember brings with it a hint of the colder weather to come.  Consequently, it’s a time for your hands to feel dry, raw, and damaged as your skin transitions to the lower humidity conditions that come with the winter weather.  Factor in an active lifestyle (you are a Gear Patrol reader after all) and it’s a receipt for misery.  

The folks at Jack Black, a trusted purveyor of men’s essentials here at Gear Patrol, are at it again with their Industrial Strength Hand Healer.  Gone are the days of the male-moisturizing stigma.  You can feel good (that would be your hands and your manhood) about rubbing in this rice bran oil-infused cream.  It works wonders on a man’s tough, calloused skin.  After a week of use, my hands are as soft as a… err, you get the point.

Cost: $15