Moving Coffee On Up... Off the Counterside...

Black & Decker SpaceSaver Thermal Coffeemaker


Kitchen gadgetry is, of course, something we’re suckers for. Unfortunately, establishing a hefty collection of thingamajigs often leads to crowded counters. Thanks to Black & Decker’s SpaceSaver Thermal Coffeemaker, you can now make room for more whatsits by mounting a full-fledged drip coffee maker under your cabinets.

While, at some angles, it definitely looks like space-aged weaponry, the SpaceSaver still performs the basic functions you’d expect out of any standard coffee-making machine, like having a programmable clock, auto brew feature, and a “freshness indicator”. It even includes Black & Decker’s proprietary Save-a-Plug system, if you have other another Space Saver product you’d like to power through the same outlet, and a Sneak-A-Cup interrupt feature should you want to grab a cup while the batch is still brewing. Looks like its time to pick up that electric grind stone you’ve been craving.

Cost: 12 Cup ($60) | 8-Cup ($85) (pictured above)