Modern, Industrial, Wood

West Elm Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable


This is the West Elm Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable. We sought this product in response (somewhat) to our Gear Patrol faithful’s habit of keeping us faithfully aware that not every well-designed product, in this case a desk, commands three paychecks or forking over your 7 pounds.

There exist quite a few beautifully designed desks out at attainable prices, like the one you see above from Pottery Barn’s more well-priced sibling West Elm (shhh, they don’t want you to believe they’re the same company). The Sungkai Sawhorse Worktable’s beauty comes from it’s simplicity. It’s modern and industrial, yet wood. Its 60″ width and 23″ depth provide a larger worksurface and the sawhorse tables exude functionality. One inset drawer (it feels as if it were carved) exists in the middle and the entire desk is constructed of richly textured and grained sungkai wood veneer (no desk grain patterns are the same). This desk is actually the brother desk of another West Elm Sawhorse Table, made of steel and glass, so depending on your tastes you’ve got a choice. More photos after the jump.

Cost: $599