As Good As Their Plasmas

Panasonic ES-LA63 Electric Shaver

panasonic-es-la63-electric-shaver1We’re willing to bet that for most of you, you’re electric shaver is either a Gillette, Norelco, or Braun. But we both know you love options, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading Gear Patrol, and we’ve got a higher end option for you, the Panasonic ES-LA63 Electric Shaver.

This rechargeable shaver is designed specifically for wet/dry conditions using an oversized ultra-thin vibrating outer foil that measures only 41 micrometers. The foil resides on a multi-arc blade that utilize nanotechnology and 14,000 cycles per minute rotations to provide a cut extraordinarily close to the base. The Panasonic ES-LA63 Electric Shaver self-cleans (via sonic waves) and dries during charging and features a pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburn trimming. The LA63 holds nicely in hand with it’s ergonomic rubberized grip, and as you’d come to expect from a company like Panasonic, feels sturdy and stout with a nod towards functionality over looks, something we’re certainly fans of when it comes to facial care.

good-housekeeping-sealEditor’s Note: The Panasonic ES-LA63 Electric Shaver holds a coveted Good Housekeeping Seal, meaning that beyond Panasonic’s own warranty, Good Housekeeping will guarantee replacement if the LA63 is defective. Not shabby.

Cost: $172