Just Because It's Unseen Doesn't Mean It's Unimportant


ribbedtee-mens-white-crew-neck-undershirt-01If you are a man who cares even a little about the shirts you’re wearing on a daily basis, you’re probably already wearing an undershirt. If you’re not, you should be. In wearing a cotton undershirt, you’re not only protecting your expensive dress shirts by keeping your body oils from getting into the cotton, but you’re also creating a cleaner presentation. Also, if you find yourself perspiring through the day, the undershirt will absorb most of that, rather than your dress shirt.

Finding good quality undershirts that don’t fit like a tent and that won’t cost you the same amount you paid for your dress shirts is key. Happily, we’re here to help.

Recently, we were introduced to the good folks at Ribbed-Tee. It is a company that rightfully boasts the best fitting undershirt money can buy. After trying them out ourselves, Gear Patrol have to agree. By simply visiting the company’s easy-to-use website and reading the detailed descriptions of each model, we were able to choose the basic model in both white and gray as being right for our needs.

Ribbed-Tee’s shirts are different from most because of their selection of super soft cottons that stretch and conform to the body of the wearer. The shirts also offer a longer tail that we guarantee will stay tucked in no matter if you’re sitting at a desk or doing jumping jacks. Those features really make the shirts standout above the crowd. Even better, the shirts are constructed in such a way that, even after many washings, they will draw in (a.k.a. shrink), continuing to provide you the best fit possible.

Of course, you can choose from v-neck or crew neck, with a tank model coming soon, all in your basic colors like white, gray, and black. The great descriptions of the fits and models make it easy for you to choose the right one. And here’s the best part: a pack of two shirts will set you back less than $20.

Cost: $18.50 (Pack of 2)