Letter From The Editor: The Holidays… The Baggage Claim of 2010


With New Year’s nigh, one can’t help but notice the general relief in the air. There seems to be a general feeling that the pending year is chock-a-block with tones of hope and opportunities anew. 2009 has certainly been a memorable year, one filled with its fair share of ups and downs… perhaps more downs than anyone was ready for. Of course, no one knows exactly what’s in store for us, but there certainly aren’t any shortage of people looking for something better in 2010.

This year’s holidays is like an airport arrival baggage claim, especially after a long turbulent flight stuck in the middle seat. Yes, you’re tired, everything is chaotic, and everyone is clammoring for similarly packaged boxes around a circle with name tags on them, but it’s the destination. There’s an air of eager anticipation of what’s to come and the baggage claim is just that one final rampageous step to get you there. The hard part is over (we hope). Hopefully you’ll join us in manning (and gearing) up for what’s to come.

The entire crew here at Gear Patrol and myself wish you the best this holiday season. Today is indeed Christmas and we wish you a merry one, but regardless of what holiday you partake or celebrate don’t deny yourself the pleasure of relishing in a few moments with your family and friends. They’re what matter most. All of us here will be attempting to do the same.

p.s. We’ve got a gift to our readers and ourselves. It won’t be ready for another week or so, but it’s a little something-something to look forward to in the post-holiday doldrums.