Gear Up For Cold-Ass Runs

Winter Running Essentials


Recently, a friend (somehow) convinced me to train for and run a half marathon in April. What was I thinking? I’m a proponent of all things fitness but I’ve never considered myself an avid runner much less someone to run any marathon, half or full. But this is Gear Patrol after all, and anyone who knows me knows that I’m nothing if not prepared. With that in mind, I set about devising a running plan that would prepare me, problem being that required me to run during late Fall and through Winter… in the Northeast. Brrr.

First things first. I set about immediately testing out gear (hey it’s what we do) for the best winter apparel to stave the punishing weather conditions the Northeast loves to deal its runners. I’ve gone through quite a bit, and found that the following products below are my go-tos. As someone who looks for comfort first when running, I couldn’t be happier. Cool and cold are subjective terms, so I’ll refrain from assigning them temperature ranges and leave that up to your personal tolerances, just utilize New York winters as your par.

Cool Weather (Fall) Winter Running Essentials

Adidas Supernova XT Half Zip Long Sleeve Tee


Adidas ClimaCool and FreeMotion technology form the base of this lightweight and very comfortable top. The Supernova is cut just athletically enough that it doesn’t interfere with your range of motion while not clinging to your body. The long sleeves and mock collar make it perfect as a transition piece for late fall running. Reflective details make it safe and ensure you stand out when running at night.

Cost: $52

Saucony Men’s Omni LX Tight


As much as tights suck, the cooling weather leaves little choice. Looking back it seemed everyone knew what I didn’t, they’re damn comfortable. Saucony has their own moisture management fabric in DryLete which features a superior combination of moisture transfer and warmth for next-to-skin comfort. The Omni LX also offers a flat-seam chafe free construction, for which I am very thankful. Legs remain warm without over heating and when the wind whips, I have just enough protection that I can enjoy the breeze and not shiver.

Cost: $65

Cold Weather (Winter) Winter Running Essentials

Saucony Arctic LX Half-Zip


Easily my favorite of the garments, the Arctic LX is amazingly well suited for running in sub 40 degree conditions. At first, it’s bulk was a worry, but the shoe does an bang up job of thermal warmth retention and moisture wicking. As a matter of fact I liked it so much I found myself throwing it on if I had to run a quick errand instead of a lightweight jacket. Dual purpose clothing is always a plus. I would recommend layering if you’re planning on venturing out in anything colder.

Cost: $100

Sugoi MidZero Tight


The MidZero was noticeable thicker than the Omni LX and fit right in when Fall turned to Winter. As far as bells and whistles are concerned the MidZero is a little lacking, but Sugoi more than makes up for it in climate control. Simply put, they kept my legs warm, dry and happy (as happy as you can be while running pre-dawn in December that is). And as much as I dreaded stepping out in running tights, the pragmatist in me won out.

Note: Look for a full review of some Sugoi performance gear by Dusty in the coming days.

Cost: $72