Cupholders, Check. Power Windows, Check. Wi-Fi, Check.

Autonet Mobile Router

autonet-mobile-gear-patrolYour car provides you freedom and, though you may prefer your car to take you away from the trappings of technology, sometimes you need stable internet access whilst road tripping (be it for work, family trips, or the Gear Patrol RSS feed). Autonet turns your car into the local Starbucks (sans lattes) by creating a 150 foot radius hotspot (think: RV’s) utilizing 3G EVDO wireless for up to 10 users. The Wi-Fi enabled Autonet Mobile Router is equipped with TRU Technology, that keeps a consistent connection as you transition from network antennas. Plans range from $30 (1GB of data) to $60 (5GB of data) per month. 3G download speeds range from 400kbps-800kbps, upload speeds range from 128kbps-300kbps.

Cost: $400 ($200 rebate available)