Despite the fact that most of the U.S. is locked in winter’s icy, heartless grip, it is always a good time to think about, plan for, and gear up to play golf. If that means updating the most important piece of golf equipment that you don’t swing at or with (read: your bag), the new TaylorMade Pure-Lite Stand Bag is a righteous choice. We’ve said before and we’ll say again that we are big proponents of playing the game on foot (good for your score, your health, and the pace of play), and, if you’re a walker, the choice of an appropriate bag is all the more important – you know, since you’ve got to lug it.

Hit the jump to hear our favorite bits about the sexy-looking Pure-Lite.

Like most stand or walking-oriented bags, the Pure-Lite is, well, light. Weighing in at 4.9lbs, it comes complete with the standard rainhood and is made from water-resistant diamond ripstop nylon. The dual-strap system works well in promoting a better balance than most carry bags we’ve tested, and the slip resistant feet on the legs are a huge upgrade to the typical poles that tend to slide on hard surfaces or plunge into wet turf. Rounding out the package is a six-way top with full-length divider (an absolute must for any bag) and handy grab points at both the top and bottom of the bag. Obviously, the bag contains a plethora of pockets, one of which is insulated.

The real innovation of the Pure-Lite, however, is the integration of TaylorMade’s F.A.S.T. system. Standing for Fast Action Snap Technology, the system offers a variety of hardpoints around the bag to which you can attach handy-dandy accessories. You’ll note in the picture above that we’re stashing our laser rangefinder in a snap on F.A.S.T. case. GPS, phone, and cigar holders are available, as well. All in all, it’s a nice, functional touch. Kudos, to TaylorMade for offering a sharp-looking rig that will get you around the loop in style and substance.

Cost: $150