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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (Audio Book)

the-lost-symbol-dan-brown-gear-patrolNot having nearly as much time to read as I’d like and subsequently missing out on some truly amazing books year after year has come to an end for this editor. The remedy? Listening to audio books during my daily commute. Currently, I’ve been transfixed by Dan Brown’s newest page-turner, The Lost Symbol, which has been keeping me entertained as I wait for the bus and subway in the frigid New York cold.

The Lost Symbol finds protagonist Robert Langdon back in action and this time on American soil. Hidden beneath our nation’s capitol is a secret world governed by the Mason’s. This time, Langdon is racing to save his mentor and unravel the mystery behind a bizarre encoded object. Is it a test or a trap?

Fans of earlier Brown books won’t be disappointed. If you’re short on time, give the audio book a try and perhaps the next time you’re in rush hour traffic you won’t mind so much. It may cost a bit more than the hardback, but you’ll be far quicker read listened.

Cost: $33