Bamboo: More Than Just Feng Shui

Degree 6 Clothing

mn0043aLately, green has been the new black. Everyone is cashing in on the environmentally organofriendly trend, especially clothiers. While being chemical and pesticide free is certainly a good thing, we still need to improve our efforts to improve water conservation. No matter how conservative you think you are, the amount of water used to make everyday products that keep us comfortable can be rather surprising, as it takes hundreds of gallons to make a simple t-shirt.

Degree 6 Clothing was created with just this eco-problem in mind. Their main focuses are on water conservation and reducing carbon emissions. They produce clothing by using alternative resources such as water-saving bamboo and recycled polyester.

After getting a chance to view their offerings first-hand, bamboo isn’t just for pandas and feng shui anymore. Bamboo fabric is super soft and almost silk-like. Not to mention it’s more wrinkle resistant, more durable, and more breatheable than cotton, too. Degree 6 offers a line of eco-lux men’s clothing that includes hoodies, sweats, and tees. So head over to Degree 6 and save some water, whilst looking sharp.

Cost: $127