Road Warriors Meet Your Excalibur

RIM Blackberry Presenter


Do you suffer from a recurring nightmare involving PowerPoint presentation setup melt downs and an evil client clown (or monkey) who just won’t stop laughing at you? And in those moments when you awake do you find yourself clutching on to your Blackberry for dear life? If so, the business minded folks over at RIM may have just answered your prayers with the newly released Blackberry Presenter. We’ll maybe not the evil client clown part, so don’t ditch your shrink just yet.

Designed to plug into a projector or monitor via VGA or S-Video, once connected the device can then wirelessly access PowerPoint files on your Blackberry to present. It even displays speaker notes or loop slides on your smartphone screen to keep you on track and on pace during your shining moment. Unfortunately, it’s only compatible with newer Blackberry models, so 8300 or Pearl Flip 8200 series owners are out of luck. Also, the Blackberry Presenter isn’t cheap, costing upwards of what a subsidized new Blackberry handset goes with some carriers. The possibility of one less wire and a bit more piece of mind might be worth it for Blackberry power users/presenters.

Cost: $199