Never Let the Elements Ruin Your Routine

Saucony ProGrid Razor Running Shoe


Created to provide all of the benefits of their renowned running shoes while adding serious protection for your feet in inclement weather conditions, the Saucony ProGrid Razor breaks boundaries in shoe design. Clearly, we’re not the only group that thinks this as this shoe has also earned a design award for product innovation by the Red Dot Institute. So what makes it so special you ask?

Well, for starters, the shoe’s 3/4 height in combination with it’s eVent™ waterproof fabric bootie-liner makes it a specialist at keeping your feet dry even in serious puddles. Forget worrying about the impact that rain might have on tying them too, since the laces are protected by a zip-up cover sealed by a simple Velcro strap. As mentioned earlier, just because they walk the line between tank and shoe doesn’t mean though that Saucony skimped on their standard running comforts.

Weighing only 13 oz, these shoes still feature the company’s Respon-Tek impact deflection technology, SRC forefront cushioning, EBO for rock protection, and SSL EVA for maximizing spring and shoe longevity while adding minimal weight. For traction, an exclusive Vibram Trek Outsole rounds out the ProGrid Razor, providing unparalleled traction and durability where ever your feet may carry you. Needless to say, owning a pair of these makes any weather-related training excuses immediately fly out the window.

Cost: $140