Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Imagine: A Vagabond Story

vagabondstorycomGrant Lingel is a man to be jealous of and maybe even to admire. In 2006, after completing one semester as a super-senior in balmy Buffalo, NY, Grant decided to take a risk many of us have thought about, but never had the courage to do. Uninspired by the path laid in front of him (degree, job, corporate ladder, settle down, etc.), he dropped out of school only a few credits shy of a degree. Then he bought a one-way ticket to Cancun and took off with $300.00 to his name.

Imagine is Grant’s memoir of the odyssey that follows that plane flight south of the border. Working at resorts and doing odd jobs along the way, his trip takes him from Playa Del Carmen through Central America and back again. Along the way, he meets some interesting people and fellow travelers never to be forgotten. Whether he is escaping from reality or escaping to a better reality depends on your perspective. Either way, Grant’s writing transports you along in stream of consciousness on a voyage that you’ll wish you’d had the guts to take. Maybe it will even inspire you to do your own vagabonding.

Cost: $12