Netbook For Green-Minded Geeks

Sony Vaio W Eco-Friendly Laptop


More often than not, so-called “green” electronics earn that title thanks to their low or efficient energy consumption. Sony, like Apple, though has decided to up the ante by building this 10-inch netbook system out of 23% recycled CDs. Gee, I wonder where they could have gotten those from?

Sporting an 1366×768 10.1 LED backlit screen, 1.66 GHZ CPU, 1GB Ram, 250GB hard drive, Verizon Wireless mobile broadband, WiFi, Blue tooth, a built in webcam, and a supposed 7 hour batter life, these specs are pretty much par for the standard netbook course. Especially for one that weights less than 3 pounds. So, in other words don’t expect to own the next super-computer, should you pick this up.

However, thanks to its unique construction materials and an included computer case made from 100% recycled PET bottles, its green statement alone may be all that matters for some.


[via BuzzBeast]

Cost: $499 (starting price)