Your Laptop's Best Friend for Battling Mother Nature

Ken Kai DRI Welded Seam Computer Messenger


Whatever your style is, chances are there’s a laptop bag for sale that matches it. For those who tote their computer on a daily basis, though, things like comfort and protection are far more important than looks, particularly for long commutes walking outside. Along that line, luggage manufacturer Ken Kai’s new DRI laptop messenger bags are designed to provide the ultimate protection from the elements thanks to their 100% RF welded construction which produces completely watertight seams. In other words, it eliminates those pesky stitch holes that inevitably allow moisture in.

The seams aren’t the only aspect of this bag though that’s designed for water protection. Extended covers at the ends of the cover flap also reach nearly four-inches down the sides for added protection against the weather. Perfect for most 12-inch laptops and netbooks (yes, sadly, you 15 MacPro owners must look elsewhere), a convenient padded inner liner is great for cradling your computing baby, while neoprene easy-access pockets do the same for your core accessories such as a cell phone or iPod. Sizewise, the computer compartment measures 12″x15″x1.5″ and every bag sold features a lifetime guarantee.

Cost: $72