Meet the SD Card with So Much More

Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Camera Memory Card

eye-fi-pro-x2_gearpatrolYes, we know it’s a memory card, but rest assured that the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SD is far from ordinary. That’s because, along with storing photos, this tech wonder features integrated 802.11n wireless which allows photographers to wirelessly upload photos from their camera directly to their computer or popular sharing sites such as Flickr and Facebook.

Outside of increased wireless speeds thanks to n-band compatibility, the Pro X2 also adds a new feature called “Endless Memory”. In this mode, once the camera comes into range of a preferred wireless network, the card automatically frees up space by uploading images to a backup location and deletes them once completed. This ensures photographers have room for extra photos and video without ever having to think about it.

Also included with your purchase is free access to over 10,000 hot spots in the U.S. for added backup locations no matter where you are for one year. To renew after that will cost you $15 a year. Likewise lifetime geotagging is also thrown in with the card, so you can easily map out where your pictures were taken.

If you’re curious to know if your current camera is compatible, check here.

Editor’s Note: As resident photo expert Eric Yang pointed out, if you’re an avid Google service user e.g. Gmail, Picasa, Google doc..etc, and in need of more space, buy 200 GB of additional space from Google for $50 per year and they’ll throw in a free Eye-Fi card. However it’s an older version of the one discussed here.