Recipes for a Classic American Spirit

Bourbon by Fred Thompson

bourbonYou needn’t be an employee at Sterling Cooper to appreciate the value of a well-made American cocktail. For our money, bourbon is one of the best ways to get there from here. Happily, food writer and chef Fred Thompson agrees and has thus served up a definitive selection of recipes to utilize and improvise on “the Classic American Spirit”.

Bourbon offers readers a brief history of the venerable imbiber, paying careful attention to the legends and mystique that seem to surround the spirit. General tips and trick on preparing bourbon drinks and dishes are included, but the real meat of the book comes in the form of 50 recipes ranging from the classic (the Perfect Manhattan) to the overzealous (Bourbon Chocolate Martini). Best of all, the volume is illustrated with gorgeous, technicolor photography that’s likely to make you thirsty just from flipping pages.

Considering that you can stock your bar library with this helpful guide cheaper than you could buy one of the drinks contained therein at a swank club, our recommendation is a strong one. Coincidentally, so are our Manhattans.

Cost: $13