Redefining The Notion of Drinking Responsibly

360 Vodka Giftset


Ok so “green” and “vodka” aren’t typically words that you’d normally associate with one another – unless, of course, you’re referring to the facial coloring of someone whose imbibed too much. 360 Vodka, though, is out to change that. Crafted from a philosophy of eco-awareness and corporate responsibility, every aspect of the product’s production from the distilling of the vodka to its packaging is meant to have a minimal impact on our dear mother earth.

So what exactly are they doing to be so green? First, this premium vodka is quadrupled-distilled using a highly energy efficient process, and every bushel of grain is fully utilized to ensure nothing goes to waste. It’s also filtered five times within a facility that is constantly being upgraded to minimize its overall eco-footprint.

Naturally, packaging is also an area where 360 Vodka’s green efforts are quite apparent. The packaging paper is chlorine free and made up of 100% recycled content and post consumer waste. Remember that’s waste… not wasted. Likewise, the bottle is comprised of 85% recycled glass.

If all of that feel good greeniness didn’t bring you back to your Captain Planet days, purchasing the gift set takes things a bit further by also including an energy saving Philips CFL light bulb. Theoretically, if you do a bit of quazi-ridiculous math, using the bulb over its lifespan should pay for the cost of the gift set, meaning you drink for free. Err… at least sort of.

That’s all fine and dandy, of course, but the real question is how does it taste. Having come across it over the weekend, we can say it’s amazingly smooth considering the price. Though normally most of us stay away from anything clear that’s not gin, the couple of 360 shots we had were quite good and didn’t overwhelm our pallets with the burn of vodka. It also mixed well with classics like tonic and OJ.

Available in a variety of liquor stores across the country, check here to find one in your area.

Editor’s Note: Despite the marketing and production effots put towards making this Vodka stand apart on environmentally friendly grounds, the beverage itself is not organic, unlike others we’ve seen. So keep that in mind and make what you will of it.

Cost: $22-$30