Frames to See as Well as to be Seen

Alain Mikli Glasses


In 1978, Alain Mikli opened his design studio in Paris and started creating a new wave of fashion eye wear in an industry dominated by tradition. Mikli’s original designs were innovative and combined creative aesthetics with technical precision. Today, Alain Mikli continues this tradition and remains a trendsetter credited with provocative designs such as Kanye West’s shutter-shades and his offerings have become a popular staple amongst celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Williams, P.Diddy, and Elton John.

Regardless of what you think of Kayne (we tend to agree with Obama), when it comes to accessories for your face, there’s nothing as noticeable as having a kickin’ pair of glasses matched to your mug. That’s especially important if you depend on them for your vision. A new pair of glasses also happens to be the easiest way to change your look.


The Alain Mikli sample we tested happens to be one of their more subtle examples but it still reflects the basic fundamentals of his designs: aesthetics, function, and maximum comfort. The dark chocolate acetate arms are superior in comfort while providing an aesthetic flair with depth and contrast as light filters through the frame. The fit and finish of this frame are first rate and are what you can expect with nearly any pair of glasses handmade in France. Each Alain Mikli frame also comes with a case and cleaning cloth.

Editor’s Note: Alain Mikli frames don’t come on the cheap, so expect to spend a fair chunk of change for quality glasses. Besides, how often do you buy a new pair anyhow?

Price: Varies