Super Simple, Insanely Important

Shoe ID by Road ID

roadidBeing responsible, safe, and planning for contingencies aren’t always traits that we men are known for. Sometimes we just like to do, as though spontaneity were written into our genes. When it comes to running, I’m guilty of jetting out the door without taking the time to stretch or hydrate or, sometimes, even check the weather. Whereas these oversights might keep me from getting the most out of my training, they aren’t complete dealbreakers.

Luckily, it’s hard to get out without my Shoe Id from Road ID, on account that it’s attached to my shoe. Despite the unpreparedness that may mark other aspects of my life and running, Road ID is such a simple, inexpensive contingency plan that it doesn’t make sense to go without it. Simply put, the Road ID is a stainless steel plate, laser engraved with up to six lines of text. What you put on the ID is up to you, but it’s all designed help you out (read: save your life) in case an accident befalls you whilst out pounding the pavement alone. Your name and emergency contacts, blood type, and medical conditions are all handy info to have attached to your body, should first-responders or passerby by find you unconscious or injured.

I’ve been running with mine for over a year, and there are plenty of folks who swear by the little lifesaver. Not to sound like a nag, but carrying some form of ID is a must for runners (or cyclists or whoever), and this is the least invasive or bulky way to do so. Well, short of getting the details tattooed on your calf. If nothing else, packing a Road ID will earn you big points with whoever it is that worries about you when you’re out on the road.

Cost: $20