Do Your Fellow Man a Real Solid

Vote Our Man Bradley Hasemeyer Onto A Super Bowl Commercial!


Many of you will know our venerable Gear Patrol correspondent and all-around car video maven, Bradley Hasemeyer. Additionally, he provides our community with some much-needed Left Coast perspective on fashion, cuisine, and a smattering of other topics. What you might not know about Bradley is that he’s also an savant of the silver (and flat) screen, appearing in a variety of commercials, pilots, and shows. You can get the full rundown via his site here.

Thanks to the internet though (and we do love out internet) the Gear Patrol staff now comes to you with a different request; we want and need your help to get our man Bradley onto a Super Bowl commercial. Bradley is starring in a Doritos commercial that’s in the running to be aired during the big game. As one of six finalists for three coveted slots, his spot needs your votes to ensure it gets aired and thus seen by like a bazillion people. The folks at Doritos picked Bradley’s commercial and five other finalists from over 4,000 entries. Not too shabby, we say. If you only do one thing today, hit the link below and vote for Bradley and Co. to Crash the Super Bowl. Best part, if when Bradley’s commercial does air, you’ll be able to tell all your compadres during the commercials, “Hey, I know that guy!”.

Watch Bradley in the “Casket” Spot & Get Your Vote On »

Voting ends January 31st, so do so early and often. And don’t even think about wussing out at the login screen.