Striking Wrist Appeal That Still Saves Your Wallet

Boccia Titanium Chronograph Watch


Working for a Gear site while cooped up with a bunch of watch nuts eventually starts to rub off. Now if I had actually hit that Lotto jackpot like I was supposed to in my life plan, this new found love for time pieces would have led me straight to the high end luxury brands that have come to symbolize “you’ve made it” for so many men. Unfortunately, things haven’t turned out exactly as I’d hoped, so my burgeoning fascination has started first with great looking time pieces from interesting and unique brands.

Stumbling upon Boccia, they were kind enough to send along their Titanium Chronograph for me to wear around town and evaluate its appeal. Featuring a hard mineral Crystal and Japanese Quartz movement, there’s no question the device can well..tell time.

Its the looks department though where this 45mm watch really makes its mark. Made from pure Titanium, it’s deep black face serves as the ideal palette for its bold striking white markers and vertically positioned chrono dials. Combined with the included rubber strap and water resistance to 330 feet, the time piece possess an eye catching mixture of urban bravado and ruggedness that’s garnered more than a few comments. Not to mention my girl friend complete and final endorsement.

On sale now for $225, it’s a solid watch to add to any collection requiring an influx of youthful, fashion centric influence. Plus it’s not made by Nixon, so you can finally mix things up.

Editor’s Note: Boccia also offers the same watch in a grey/brushed metal casing should that suit your tastes better.