Jason Bourne Puts an End to Format Wars

Bourne Series DVD/Blu-ray Flip Discs


Don’t think the movie industry is serious about nudging you over to Blu-ray? Well Universal’s new creation known affectionately as the Flipper Disc (no relation to the porpoise super star), is clearly aimed to make the transition process slightly easier. Similar to DVDs which shipped with both wide screen and standard versions of the film on two different sides, these discs allow buyers to own both HD and non HD versions of their favorite throat punching amnesiac spy for the cost of a regular DVD. Thanks to some thorough reviewing from the movie experts at Blu-ray.com, apparently these discs perform exactly as advertised in all manner of players.

Overall though other studio tactics of including both the DVD and a Blu-ray copy on separate discs may be better for sharing the movie wealth amongst friends, for some this new media creation may be a godsend for reducing the number of discs to keep track of. Frankly we’re just pleased to see these action classics being sold in glorious Blu-ray for under $20 a pop.

[via Engadget HD]

Cost: Bourne Identity $16 | Bourne Supremacy $16 | Bourne Ultimatum $16