Soft drinks have become too complicated. Consider, a myriad of ingredients that are not easily pronounced by the common man, an over abundance of sugars and dyes, and a massive amount of carbohydrates. In our (ongoing) search for a simplistic, healthy, yet tasty drink we discovered Tejava.

Tejava comes in a large glass bottle and is some of the best tea we have ever tasted. Handpicked leaves are micro brewed to give Tejava a balanced and simplistic black tea flavor. The tea comes unsweetened which give you the option of customizing it to your liking. In the opinion of this author, the black tea can’t be beat in a high ball glass on the rocks, but for those looking for a bit more, a twist or pinch of sweetener might make the perfect glass of tea for you. After swearing off the sugary ills of soda (or “pop”) Tejava is a great addition to any meal. 

At just a few bucks a bottle Teajava is worth stocking up on. You can find Teajava at your local grocery store or through a few online distributors.

Cost: $2