Blu-ray from Oppo Just Got Cheaper

Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray Player


Back in 2009, we covered Oppo’s long awaited Blu-ray player, the BDP-83 and it’s special edition counterpart. Both versions definitely sit at the top of the stand alone Blu-ray player heap in terms of image and audio quality, however at $500 and $899 a piece, they aren’t the most affordable machines. Understanding this complaint, Oppo has created a more wallet friendly player in the BDP-80 which will soon sell for a more reasonable $289.

Basically it’s a stripped down version of it’s more expensive brother, and cuts costs by dtiching features such as the ABT2010 video processor, aluminum face plate details, DVD 24p up-conversion, IR ports, and a back lit remote control. Outside of those points, the BDP-80 should still provide the same levels of quality consumers around the world have come to associate with the Oppo brand. So if you’re a video and audio nut looking for high performance at a great price, this may just be the player for you. Do keep in mind though that if you want features such as Netflix streaming or access to Pandora, you’ll unfortunately have to look elsewhere. To check out all the details hit the next page for the press release.

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Cost: $289

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