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Pierre Pont Hicks Ties


Rising from the men’s fashion hotbed of Minnesota, Pierre Pont Hicks was launched this past year by husband and wife team, Kat + Mac. Their backgrounds are quite the dichotomy, with Mac hailing from real-estate development and construction while Kat emerged from a fashion and publishing background in NYC.  Since launching, Pierre Pont Hicks has been steadily making the rounds of the blogosphere and Twitter. After getting some neck-time with their offerings, we’d argue they aren’t getting enough attention.

Pierre Pont Hicks currently offers five different fabrics each in three configurations: classic, two-tone and bow tie. All the fabrics are currently plaid and tweed (keep your eyes peeled for the SS2010 collection) with a little flair from the two-tone and bow ties. They make us think of corduroy sport coats, wax cotton, and gentleman on the hunt. We tried out a few of them over the holidays (Field two-tone, Mackers classic, and Giles bowtie) to great satisfaction and more than a few compliments. They paired easily with multiple outfits, a pleasant surprise given the distinct patterns. Each tie is made in New York City’s Garment District from fabrics that put most of our other ties to shame (talking to you J.Crew). Ties are a simple thing, but when the right care, quality, and construction are utilized, there is beauty in simplicity. Pierre Pont Hicks gets that. We can’t wait to wear ours again and to garner high praise for a self-administered noose.

Cost: $79 (classic/two-tone) | $59 (bow tie)