Yes, It's an $800 Flashlight

WiseLED Tactical Flashlight


It’s no secret we as Gear Patrol editors hold a soft spot in our hearts for multi-tools and flash lights. So when we came across the WiseLED tactical flashlight, there was no denying our compulsion to cover it, despite it’s ridiculous price tag.

Featuring an incredibly bright output of 2,000 lumens, this hand-held bat signal stands among the world’s most powerful compact flashlights. It’s also built like Fort Knox and features a case made from Anodized Aerospace grade Aluminum, a thermoplastic rubber grip, built-in tail light, battery life indicator, and offers the possibility to customize the functionality of the buttons and change the programming of the flashlight for signaling/SOS warnings. Did we mention that it’s completely waterproof, windproof (though we’re not sure really how wind is even a factor), heat-resistant, sandproof, and ships with a two year guarantee to boot.

Of course, one major concern with such high light output is battery life. Quoting from WiseLED’s stats, the tactical can work for up to 24 hours at 20%. This drops dramatically down to 2 hours and 15 minutes at full power though. Thankfully, a set of rechargeable lithium ion batteries are included that are good for 50,000+ hours of juice over their lifetime and take only 3 hours for a full recharge, so at least you won’t feel compelled to hold up a Duracell truck. One last interesting feature we noticed on the specs was WiseLED’s mention of a strobe effect of 500 watts, which it then backs up saying “it’s a non-lethal weapon”. Could you add anything more tease-worthy to hype up our desire to do a hands on? We think not.

Cost: $809