The Greatest Generation in Action

WWII in HD (Blu-ray)

wwii-blu-ray-gear-patrolIf you didn’t see WWII in HD when it premiered recently on one of our favorite channels, HISTORY, then you did yourself a disservice. It’s time to right that wrong, as the exceptional documentary is now available on Blu-ray (and for a bang-up price, to boot).

The production value of this collection is through the roof, with never-before-seen footage presented in immersive, vibrant high definition. The footage is organized around narration by the likes of Ron Livingston, Josh Ritter, and Rob Lowe, all reading from the diaries of American soldiers who lived the harrowing experiences that the series portrays. Without hesitation, we’d say that this is the ultimate WWII collection, as moving as it is fearsome.

Cost: $20