If Anyone Orders Merlot...

Ancient Peaks Wines


As a man always looking for ways to stretch his dollar, trying to find a good wine on the cheap is certainly never a simple task. After all, there’s no better than for having a few bottles of red stocked, than when you’re throwing down a batch of Gear Burgers or Steak-Au-Poivre. It’s times like these where having a bottle of wine can add the finishing touch to a great meal.

Needless to say, when Ancient Peaks contacted us to review a sample of their offerings, it was an opportunity we looked forward to. Ancient Peaks Winery is a family-owned winery who specializes wines from Margarita Vineyard in the southern most vineyard in Paso Robles and less than 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

2007 Merlot

Whenever I drink Merlot, I can’t help but get flashbacks of Paul Giamatti’s tirade in Sideways. Despite the thrashing Merlot received in that movie, the 2007 Ancient Peaks Merlot is soft and smooth and easy on the palate. The flavor is packed with deep berry flavors and is easy to drink. It leaves a balanced but yet spicy finish. Not to mention, the 2006 edition is a 2009 Wine Spectator Top Value.

2007 Syrah

Syrah is a varietal type of wine meaning it is a wine made primarily from a single named type of grape. No matter where the grape comes from, this wine is pretty tasty. It’s full-bodied and has a palate loaded with flavors of blueberry and blackberry with hints of cinnamon and dark chocolate, an excellent choice to for a Gear Burger with blue cheese.

When it comes to wine, one thing is for certain: a sommelier this writer is not. However, Eric can attest to my knowledge of enjoying the occasional drink and the rare penchant for a self-inflicted sake bomb. Regardless, Ancient Peaks Wines is a good choice for reasonably priced wine that can be found for $16 a bottle.

Cost: $16 | Ancient Peaks Winery