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Bee Raw 4 Fruit Varietal Honey Flight

bee-raw-4-fruit-varietal-honey-flight-gear-patrolAnyone who drinks wine should know that much of a bottle’s particular taste comes from the soil the grape vines were grown in. Similarly, when it comes to honey, everything from it’s consistency to taste and coloration is largely dependent on the flora around the bee hive.

Subsequently, the honey experts over at Bee Raw honey have created this sampler pack to allow foodies and curious sugar addicts alike to understand just how dramatic these differences can be. Featuring four distinct honey types extracted from hives placed in the dead center of blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, and orange groves, each tube is naturally sealed in Bee’s wax (duh!) and comes displayed in an attractive American Oak block. Overall, this complete package makes it an excellent kitchen accent as well a unique gift that friends are sure to remember.

Cost: $45