Top of the Line Television That Edges Out the Rest

Samsung LED 9000 Series 3D HDTV


The Pioneer Kuro Elite may still hold the title of best picture quality in our books despite its age, but after what’s been announced so far this year we’re not sure that title will hold for much longer. Showcased at CES 2010 early in January, the Samsung 9000 series is unquestionably one of the most advance line of televisions ever produced. Winner of the prestigious CES Best of Innovations Award, this razor of a television features 240HZ, local dimming LED backlighting, and measures just 0.3 inches deep, making it no thicker than your standard number 2 pencil and qualifying it as the slimmest fully-integrated LED TV ever. To get the set that thin, Samsung also had to design a companion wireless audio/video media box that sits near the television. You plug your video sources into this box, and the box wirelessly communicates with the television, providing it with up to full 1080p content. It’s also 3D compatible and, thanks to a proprietary 3-D engine, can covert older two-dimensional video to 3D in real time. We’re slightly skeptical, though, at how good that will look.

samsung-led-3d-9000-telecommandeBut wait, that’s not all! As if this beauty didn’t pack enough up its sleeve, the 9000 series is also fully energy star 4.0 compliant, and packs in an n-band compatible wireless card for streaming content like Netflix without a hitch. The included color touchscreen universal remote alone is also enough to take your gadget lust meter to 10. Besides allowing master control of all of your components, this device can also serve as a separate television display to for instance catch the beginning of a big game while the tail end of a Blu-ray movie comes to an end on the big screen. It’s fully qwerty on screen keyboard is also great for typing out commands and using internet apps from the comfort of your couch. Finally, it can also browse music, photos, and video files from any DLNA certified PC and then “swipe” the content over to play on the main television set. Currently, only two size models have been announced at 46 and 54 inches, and, of course, pricing is not available as of yet, but rest assured all of this functionality won’t come cheap.

Cost: TBD