Someone is Trying to Tell You Something

Written On The City: Graffiti Messages Worldwide

written_on_the_city_bookHave you ever spotted some words in graffiti while out and wondered what motivated someone to do it? Created from a collection of shots taken by photographers around the globe, Written On The City showcases all manner of phrases spray painted on the walls and sidewalks of major cities in an effort to document this unique form of cultural conversation all in one place. More than just a fascinating coffee table book that any visitor is sure to open out of curiosity, this project serves as a unique lens for understanding just why people are staying up late, breaking the law, and generally taking risks to spread their thoughts to anyone and everyone they can.

For less than $10, it’s also a tremendous deal and a worthy addition to any book collection with a focus on travel or photography. However, if you’d like to get a taste of the photos inside, is the book’s online companion and the place where all of it’s photos were uploaded by participating photographers.

Cost: $10