Leave No Stone Item Unlabeled

Dymo LabelManager 260P


The best part of getting organized is convenience and access, so why shouldn’t the same apply to the gear that helps you get there? DYMO’s new LabelManager 260P integrates a rechargeable lithium-ion battery instead of inconvenient batteries (it’s beyond us that AA batteries are still around) making labelling quick, conveninent, and easy. The LabelManager 260P also features a 30x60mm screen, 9-label memory, multi-print setting, and a revamped interface that gives you access to dozens of style options.

A QWERTY keyboard layout with traditional symbol/punctuation access would have been preferable, but we still found the LabelManager 260P an absolute breeze to use. We especially appreciated the roomy screen and preview feature, which helps eliminate redos. DYMO includes a D1 cartridge, battery, and charger in the box (thanks). Now, if we could only find more stuff to label.

Buy Now: $52