Flying A Gulfstream? So Last Year. How About Flying In the Gulf Stream.

Virgin Necker Nymph | DeepFlight Merlin Underwater Plane


For the paltry sum of $661,000 (and change), you too can join Sir Richard Branson in your own Necker Nymph Underwater. The Necker Nymph (named after Branson’s Caribbean luxury rental, Necker Island) is a fifth generation winged submersible in the DeepFlight Merlin class, created by Hawkes Ocean Technologies Deep Flight Submersibles. The carbon fiber craft will vessle one pilot and two passengers underwater for two hours at depths of 130 feet. Unlike normal submersibles which use ballasts for propulsion the DeepFlight Merlin utilizes fighter jet-like aeroaquadynamics to provide downward lift on its wings. But like a plane, the Merlin can bank and glide its passengers underwater in a completely open cockpit. Very cool and yes, very expensive.[via DailyMail]

Buy Now: $661,000 | Rent Now: $25,000 (per week) + $88,000 (one week island rental)