Like Frankie Said, I Did It My Way

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How many times have you picked up a pair of jeans and thought about how much we like them save for the pockets? Or perhaps you’ve tried on a pair that would be must have if only they came in button-fly?

We all love our denim, but let’s be honest; if we’re going to drop a lot of money for a pair of jeans, they might as well be exactly what we want, right? The folks at indiDenim must think the same way, and, in doing so, they have revolutionized the way we can purchase our jeans. The company has thought of every detail down to the stitching color on the pocket, and gives customers the proverbial keys to their denim kingdom. This isn’t a website where you just browse through different models and choose the one you want (though the do offer the option, for the uninspired). This is one-stop shop for all your custom jeans purchases. By offering an array of and shipping jeans that are made to measure, indiDenim has taken the frustrating part out of buying the staple of the American wardrobe.

Just like indiDenim, indiTailored offers men the ability to create their own look and styles with shirting. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, one can opt for something unique or choose from many popular styles. For a truly unique look, you can even choose a contrasting collar lining and matching cuff lining.

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inditailored_predesigned-custom-shirt_purple-checkThe parent company of both brands, indiCustom, is changing the way consumers shop by completely designing their clothing online to fit the individual style preferences. Their patented technology allows for mass customization, which means lower costs on custom clothing for you, the consumer. Something that indiCustom does for both brands that we feel makes them unique is the ability to preview the product while you’re building it. That takes the guesswork out of what it will look like when completed.

When asked what makes her company different, indiCustom CEO Marybeth Luber said, “the indiCustom brands offer the most technologically advanced way to shop for clothing. At indiDenim and indiTailored, consumers can design their perfect style (anything from classic to trendy) and get a personally tailored fit. There is no sacrifice or compromise; customers get exactly what they are looking for-made for them, without any hassle.”

Author’s Note:
I’ve been quite impressed with both the jeans and the custom shirt we obtained from indiCustom. I feel that both were of very good quality and I thought the online design experience was first-rate. And guys, don’t forget that indiDenim also makes women’s jeans as well. (Just be careful when asking for those measurements.)

Cost: Jeans from $145 | Shirts from $90

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