Restating the Case of the Classic Silk Striped Tie

Smart Turnout Old School Ties


Kids in Brooklyn and the fashion powers-at-large may be doing their damndest to convince the world the skinny tie is king, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily right. Standing firmly in defense of the classic male look obtained with the help of bold colorful stripes, Smart Turnout’s series of “Old School Ties” are the perfect antidote to hipsterdom’s currently unchecked infiltration in men’s clothing. Sold in 34 different patterns, each silk tie sells for a reasonable $70 individually, or for $120 a pair.

However, if looks and price aren’t enough to sway you, then the Smart Turnout’s background will. Created by founder Philip Turner during his time in the Scots Guards infantry regiment, his initial forays into custom knitwear creation soon blew up as the demand from his compatriots swelled. Soon he was being commissioned to create similar attire of Britain’s prep schools and universities, as well all of the military branches. We’d say that’s pretty good for a former soldier who started out as a member of Britain’s oldest infantry regiment.

Cost: $70