Give Your Libations a Proper Home

Markham Console Bar


For the man who seeks to exude class and refinement, the storage and application of one’s stash of imbibers can be a make-or-break factor. That is to say, rummaging through a kitchen cabinet or reaching atop the fridge to access your well-cultivated spirits selection simply won’t do.

Though procuring one requires a decent chunk of coinage, the Markham Console Bar makes the sort of statement of which we’d approve (sans sunflowers, of course). At over 5′ wide, the recessed trough in back of the workbench-style console offers a secure way to keep your favorite refreshments on display and within arms reach. Hand-finishing and protective lacquer give each bar a unique look and offer it years of durability. Finally, a bar built to match your manliness.

Cost: $1,400

[Via Cool Material]