Long Live the 80s?

Gitman Vintage Cotton Poplin Shirts

gitman-vintage-cotton-poplin-shirtsWinter isn’t done yet, but that shouldn’t prevent you from thinking of refreshing your attire come spring. New for spring/summer 2010 season, boutique shirt manufacturer Gitman Vintage which is a sub brand of Gitman Bros. has released a series of cotton poplin shirts paying homage to the styles of 1984.

If that point didn’t send you running for the hills, you’re obviously one of the few who understands that the 80’s is clearly rotating back towards being “in” thanks to the funny cyclical nature of the fashion industry. Featuring a clever mix of colors in classic patterns, any of the shirts in this collection should go swimmingly with a pair of khakis shorts and boat shoes (if that’s your thing). We’re also inclined to think that at least some of the less pastel influenced versions in this line could even be worn now, but perhaps that’s just us getting excited for heat, barbecue, and the beach. To see all of the patterns available in this line and pricing, check below.

Cost: $162