Meet the Brand Giving Gin a Delicate Makeover

Oxley Classic English Dry Gin

oxley-classic-english-dry-ginThose who drink gin and those who don’t stand on opposite sides of the proverbial line in the sand. If you happen to fall on the side of some of our editors and like this juniper berry infused spirit, then we recommend trying out Oxley Classic English Dry Gin, a brand launched in 2009 by Bacardi.

With a taste similar to London dry gin, Oxley is crafted using an uncommon technique in the gin industry known as “cold distillation,” which involves utilizing sub zero temperatures to mute gin’s normally overwhelming pine tones while subtly enhancing other aspects of its botanical flavoring. Infused with 14 different botanical ingredients such as the rare English Meadowsweet herb, it’s apparently the only gin to use fresh citrus (as opposed to dry) fruit as part of its flavoring.

Oxley Classic English Dry Gin is appropriately packaged for its premium market positioning; bottle details like the hand-wrapped leather top and galvanized metal bottom are hard to miss or not appreciate. As for the tonic and cucumber… well, we’re reaching for them now.

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