40 Grand For 20 Grand

The Fixation | Hasselblad H4D-40


In a declaration only Hassleblad could pull, the new “entry level” H4D-40 ($19,995) medium format digital camera will bring 35mm camera ease to medium format shooting. The 40 megapixel H4D-40 is touted to employ a new autofocus technology called “True Focus”. True Focus AF allows (pro) photographers to compose close distance shots with a unique yaw sensor to measure angular velocity. The yaw sensor accurately measures and computes correct focus without the use of the more cumbersome multi-point focus systems found in most DSLRs. The result? Buttery-smooth shallow depth of field – an effect we love so much in our own product photography here at Gear Patrol. The H4D-40 kit includes the camera body, 80mm lens, viewfinder, and the new (easy and quick) Phocus 2.0 software.

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