Get Power, Light, and Communication We You Need it Most

Etón Solarlink FR 360 Radio


By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Sandy Bandu

Weighing in at under one and a half pounds, the Etón Solarlink FR 360 Radio has more uses than you could possibly imagine and ultimately provides basic security against the elements. Designed for emergency purposes, it features an LED flashlight, AM/FM/NOAA weather radio, and a USB cell phone charger.

The coolest feature of Eton product hands down though is the multiple ways it can be self-powered. Those options include dropping in some Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and exposing the solar links to the sun, using the hand crank, or even charging the batteries prior to use via a USB cord. Better yet, it can also take 3 AAA alkaline batteries should there be a lack of sun, physical motivation, or preparedness. Despite being remarkably light-weight and multifaceted, it is not incredibly efficient. Subsequently it’s better suited for those emergency uses in your home rather than as a piece of camping equipment. Overall as the Swiss Army Knife of emergency preparedness, it’s a far better all in one solution to candles, waterproof matches, and Cold War era ham radio that may be in your basement or inaccessible location. Of course having those backup methods tucked away in a drawer never hurts either.

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