If There Were Such A Thing As iPhoto Pro

Aperture 3

apple-aperture-3-gear-patrolApple has just rolled out the latest iteration to its semi-pro/pro photo management and editing software. Aperture 3 ($199, $99 upgrade) brings it with 200 new features including Faces (facial recognition), Places (geotagging), and Brushes: an enhancement tool that lets photographers and editors paint, use filters, and make adjustments directly onto their images.

Aperture 3 is 64-bit enabled which allows the latest, Intel-based Macs to take full advantage of their multi-threaded processors. If you’ve outgrown iPhoto, then you’ll want to strongly consider Aperture 3 (if you’re not already an Adobe Lightroom user), especially with its iPhoto import tools. Aperture 3 also makes it easy to manage multiple photo libraries on multiple hard drives, create professional slideshows and books, and preview images and video live before they’re even fully imported.

Buy Now: $199 | $99 (upgrade) | 30 Day Free Trial