Turning Old T-Shirts into Laptop Sleeves with Heart

Hello Rewind


In a world where laptop sleeves tend to blend into the neoprene sea of brightly-colored sameness, Hello Rewind stands out both in product and in purpose. Their wares consist of a single offering: unique laptop sleeves – but their business doubles as a mission supporting and empowering sex trafficking survivors, whom they help regain their lives and livelihoods. Their site says, “We want to show sex trafficking survivors that rescue is not the end and that there is hope for something better in their lives. We train and teach them in fundamental skills — sewing, English, business skills. Many of the laptop sleeves made through Hello Rewind are hand-crafted by sex trafficking survivors, and we hope that they become an integral part of our business operations. After support ing the sex trafficking survivors involved with Hello Rewind, the remaining profits are recycled back into the company so that we can grow the business to support even more women.”

Once you select a size, Hello Rewind sends you a prepaid package to mail your t-shirt to them and, a few short weeks later, your custom made laptop sleeve will arrive. Your notebook will be cozy and you’ll feel all the better for it; we like to see when good business and doing good go hand in hand.

Cost: $49